Trova rapidamente tutte le istanze di simbolo nel tuo progetto

Maggio 15, 2024
Visual Assist 2024.3 un notevole incremento delle prestazioni della funzione Trova riferimenti, con un conseguente flusso di lavoro accelerato e risparmio di tempo.

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Visual Assist by Whole Tomato Software is a productivity add-in for Visual Studio designed to improve the coding process and reduce errors. Its features include code completion, syntax highlighting, code inspections, navigation, and refactoring capabilities, which make Visual Studio more efficient for C/C++ and C# developers.

Version 2024.3 includes a significant performance upgrade for the Find References feature. This feature helps you quickly locate all instances of a symbol (function, variable, etc.) within your project or solution. The improved Find References engine powers many other core functionalities in Visual Assist. This means the performance boost extends to features you rely on daily.

To see a full list of what's new in version 2024.3, see our release notes.

Visual Assist is licensed on a per-developer basis and offers three licensing options: Standard, Network Named User, and Concurrent. All new licenses include a 1 Year Maintenance Subscription, and Subscription Renewals are also available. See our Visual Assist Licensing page for full details.

For more information, visit our Visual Assist product page.