PostSharp Threading 6.1

Migliora l'esperienza di debug (in particolare i metodi asincroni) e la registrazione delle applicazioni distribuite.
March 13, 2019
Nuova versione


  • Major refactoring of the add-in to the Microsoft Visual Studio debugger:
    • Makes sure the debugging experience (such as pressing F10 or F11) is natural when aspects are woven into hand-written code.
    • Focuses on the debugging of async methods. In previous versions, debugging an aspected async method could be pretty challenging. It now behaves very smoothly.
  • Adds improved support for Semantic Logging.
  • Adds Improvements for distributed logging:
    • Hierarchical Ids: PostSharp can generate ids that let you easily select all records of a distributed request with a wildcard query such as Properties.EventId: "|2ceff3ef47.a2.*", and sort them alphabetically for logical ordering. The generated ids comply to the Hierarchical Request-Id specification.
    • You can now attach properties to custom activities and custom log messages, and mark these properties as cross-process (this implements the Tag and Baggage concepts of OpenTracing).
  • Sampled Logging allows you to select which logging requests are logged and which are ignored to save on storage and bandwidth.
PostSharp Threading

PostSharp Threading

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