PostSharp Threading

PostSharp Threading is a pragmatic way to write machine-verified, thread-safe code. Address multithreading at the right level of abstraction with threading models, deadlock detection, and declarative thread dispatching. Make your C# or VB applications thread-safe without rewriting them. Starting new threads and tasks in .NET languages is simple, but ensuring that objects are thread-safe is not. Choose the threading models that you want and have the built-in verification detect errors in your code before they cause random data races.

Reduce complexity

  • Higher abstraction – Don’t get lost in the details of threading code. Raise the level of abstraction by applying thread safety models with attributes.
  • Design and implement – Choose thread-safety patterns when designing your application. Translate that design into a functioning code artifact easily and quickly.
  • Free up your brain – With prebuilt threading models your most experienced developers are free to work on other hard problems while any developer on the team can...

Ultime Notizie

PostSharp v6.6.x
PostSharp v6.6.x
Introduce abbonamenti al repository di origine in base alle righe di codice.
PostSharp v6.5
PostSharp v6.5
Aggiunge il supporto per Docker.
PostSharp v6.4.x
PostSharp v6.4.x
Aggiunge il supporto per WPF e WinForms di C#8 e .NET Core 3.0.
PostSharp v6.3
PostSharp v6.3
Aggiunge il supporto per Linux e macOS, oltre a migliorare le prestazioni di VSX.
PostSharp Threading v6.2.5
PostSharp Threading v6.2.5
Aggiunge il supporto per Microsoft Visual Studio 2019.
PostSharp Threading 6.1
PostSharp Threading 6.1
Migliora l'esperienza di debug (in particolare i metodi asincroni) e la registrazione delle applicazioni distribuite.

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Compatible Containers
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2019
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 2019
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 2017
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 2015
  • Microsoft Visual C# 2019
  • Microsoft Visual C# 2017
  • Microsoft Visual C# 2015

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