AdminStudio Enterprise 2020 R2

Aggiunge l'editor MSIX e migliora l'automazione del pacchetto.
Novembre 6, 2020
Nuova versione


  • Added MSIX Editor - MSIX Editor is a tool which enables you to perform the following tasks on the MSIX packages:
    • Open MSIX and Modification packages and get insights into the package.
    • Make your desired changes to MSIX packages.
    • Save the changes made on a MSIX package as a Modification package.
    • Digitally sign MSIX and Modification packages.
    • Trace MSIX packages to identify run time issues.
    • Apply Package Support Framework fixups to fix run time issues.
  • New Rules Included in MSIX Conversion Compatibility Tests
    • With this update, the following two new rules have been included in the MSIX Conversion Compatibility Tests:
      • Unsupported Microsoft .NET Framework Version (MSIX006).
      • Requires Elevated Privileges (MSIX007).
  • Added the Ability to Update Microsoft PowerShell App Deploy Toolkit.
  • Package Automation Enhancements
    • Vendor and Version Columns Made Optional While Importing CSV Files - In previous versions, Vendor and Version columns are mandatory while importing the CSV files. With this update, Vendor and Version columns are made optional.
    • App Subscription Not Allowed When No Match Found - With this update, while matching the applications in the Subscribe column, if No Match is selected in the Latest Version column, then subscribing an application for the automation is not allowed.
    • New Filters Added for Version in Catalog and Latest Version Column - With this update, in matching the applications, under Version in Catalog and Latest Version column two filter values have been added:
      • Matches available - Selects the inventory package having at least one matching package in Version in Catalog and Latest Version column.
      • Matches not available - Selects the inventory package which has no matching package in Version in Catalog and Latest Version column.
  • Legacy Package will be Shown as EXE Package - In the previous version, an EXE package was displayed as a Legacy package. With this update the Legacy package will be shown as an EXE package.
  • Added the Ability to Select Publish Package Type - With this update, a user can select the Publish Package Type for publish action.
  • Retaining Original Package After Wrapping - With this update, Original package will be retained after wrapping and it can be wrapped multiple times to Microsoft PowerShell and EXE Wrapper packages under an application.
  • Support for Microsoft Windows 10 - 2004 - You can run an application’s compatibility testing against the new Windows 10 - 2004 version for the applications in your catalog.
    • The new Windows 10 - 2004 version will appear in the following:
      • Test Selection Wizard
      • Analyze Tab - You can view the operating system compatibility details for Windows 10 - 2004 in the following places:
        • Group Chart View.
        • Summary View.
        • Detail View.
      • Reports Tab - You can see the operating system compatibility for Windows 10 - 2004 in the following reports:
        • Application Readiness Dashboard Report.
        • Operating System Compatibility Group Dashboard Report.
        • Overall Package Testing Results Report.
        • Windows Desktop OS Compatibility Dashboard Report.
        • Test Impact Report.
        • Test Suppression Report.
  • Support for ConfigMgr 2002 - You can distribute the following deployment types to the distribution system ConfigMgr 2002:
    • Microsoft Windows Installer.
    • App-V (4.x and 5.0).
    • Apple iOS (binary file and public store).
    • Google Android (binary file and public store).
    • Legacy installer.
    • PowerShell wrapped packages (.ps1).
    • MSIX Package.
  • Added the Ability to Select Deployment Type for Distribution Under an Application Node - With this update, You can select individual packages under an Application Node which need to be published to the desired Distribution System.
  • PowerShell Cmdlets Enhancement - The following new PowerShell Cmdlets parameters have been added to publish the package:
    • PackageIDs - Specify the PackageIDs of the application that you are publishing.
  • Added Support for InstallShield 2020 R2.
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