Altova MobileTogether 7.2

Aggiunge la possibilità di registrare un messaggio personalizzato durante l'esecuzione di un'azione.
Dicembre 15, 2020
Nuova versione


  • Ability to switch themes (light/dark) in MobileTogether client - This new feature provides more flexibility for users when selecting between light and dark modes on the MobileTogether client app. They can now apply the system settings for their device or manually switch between light/dark themes.
  • New Action to add a log entry - The new Log Message Action makes it possible to log a customized message on the MobileTogether Server or client during the execution of an Action. This helps the developer analyze app behavior at a specific point. A log entry can be generated based on the selected severity: info, warning, or error.
  • New button image: View - MobileTogether Designer includes more than 30 pre-defined button-looks that make it quick and easy for developers to add attractive icons for common tasks to their apps. This latest release adds a View button-look to the list.
  • Setting to change colors for pre-defined buttons - For increased flexibility in styling and refining an app UI, developers can now pick the color for any of the pre-defined button images that come with MobileTogether Designer.
  • Additional styles for slider controls - It is now possible to configure colors for slider controls, including the color of the slider track itself, the color of the thumb (the selector that moves the slider), and the color to display when the slider control is disabled.
  • New function: mt-server-variable - This function makes it possible to configure different functionality when the same app is running on different servers, for instance, on a test vs. production server.
  • New function: mt-page-stack - This function returns a list of open pages. When a page calls a subpage, which then calls another subpage, the function will return the full list of pages. This is useful, for example, to allow a dialog to show different options depending on which page it was called from.
  • Support for dragging message/dialog boxes in web client - When you show a message box or a dialog in your app, it may overlap important information behind it. Now, the end user can easily drag the pop-up to a new location on the screen to see information behind it before deciding how to proceed.
  • Padding setting for table cells - It is now possible to set padding for table cells in addition to rows and columns. This makes it easier to precisely control the display of tables with different types of content.
  • Syslog support in MobileTogether Server - Syslog is a standard protocol used to send system log or event messages to a specific server, called a syslog server. Developers often use a syslog server to collect logs from various machines in a central location for further analysis. This is now supported as an option on MobileTogether Server Advanced Edition.
  • Backup/restore support for SQLite - For apps that connect to SQLite databases, a new Backup/Restore SQLite DB Action allows you to back up the SQLite database multiple times to a folder you designate. You can subsequently restore the SQLite database from one of these backups if required. This functionality requires MobileTogether Server Advanced Edition.
New Action to add a log entry

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