PDFlib 10.0.0

Aggiunge il supporto per i tipi di carattere a colori e le emoji, i file video e audio, oltre a PDF 2.0.
Febbraio 1, 2022
Nuova versione


  • Color fonts and emoji.
  • Import form fields, annotations and actions with PDFlib+PDI.
  • Fill existing form fields, e.g. populate text fields.
  • Overhauled and extended annotation support.
  • Video and sound with Screen annotations and Rendition actions.
  • Full support for PDF 2.0 according to ISO 32000-2:2020.
  • Simplified color management.
  • Optimized PDF output.
  • Improved SVG import.
  • Convenience programming features.
  • Updated Pantone color libraries.
  • Extended pCOS interface for querying PDF objects.
  • Tagged PDF and PDF/UA improvements.
  • Usability improvements in the PDFlib Block Plugin.
  • Networking support via PDFlib API method.
  • Updated and improved language bindings.
  • Modernized code base and improved code security.


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