Astah Professional v8.5

Aggiunge il nuovo Layout diagramma automatico per i diagrammi di sequenza.
March 10, 2022 - 5:34
Nuova versione


  • Automatic Diagram Layout for Sequence diagrams: This will shorten Lifelines, Execution Specifications and Messages to reduce unnecessary spaces to make the diagram in the best presentations possible with just one-click.
  • Access Target model without a scroll: Now you can see the name of models located outside of the editor. You no longer have to scroll all the way down to the target end to see what it is.
  • Powerful Traceability Map to overview your project: New Traceability Map will not only map out the related models but also indicate the relationship type for you to grasp the overview of your project more clearly.
  • Word Wrap in Classes, Requirements and more: Now you can wrap texts in the models below. So it is much easier to layout the diagram even with models that have long names.
    • Classes
    • Instance Specifications
    • Requirements
    • Test Cases
    • Artifacts
    • ER Entities (Only in Entity Display Level)
  • Add Attributes & Operations by pasting text: You can now add Attributes and Operations to a Class by pasting text. Same with Primary keys and Foreign keys to ER Entities.You can save much time this way if you already have a list of attributes to add!
  • Smooth Model Access via diagrams: If you use the same model in many places within a project, this is a big update for you. Now you can easily jump to other diagram from the model’s pop-up menu.
  • General | Common Diagrams
    • You can now create Class Attributes, Operations, and ER Entity Attributes by pasting text.
    • You can now wrap texts in Classes, Requirements, InstanceSpecifications(Slots), ER Entities.
  • Traceability Map
    • Now you can create more detailed Traceability Map of your projects.
    • Duplicated model topics are now closed when creating a new Traceability Map.
    • Now Draw Suggest feature is available for opening/closing topics.
    • You can now create a traceability map of the related model from the pop-up menu of the diagram element.
    • Now you can jump to related model element from each topic.
    • Now you can set the maximum width of topics.
  • Accessibility
    • Now you can move to each end of Association lines from the pop-up menu.
    • The pop-up menu “Jump to Diagram Element” in the structure tree now displays the name of the diagram element in addition to the diagram.
    • The name of the diagram element displayed in the pop-up menu “Jump to Diagram Element” in the structure tree can now be used as an alias.
    • You can now easily move to other diagrams or models from a pop-up menu of the selected models.
    • In the pop-up menu “Jump to Diagram Element” of the search result, the name of the diagram element is displayed in addition to the diagram.
    • Lists on the [Related Diagrams] are now sorted in ascending order by name.
    • Now you can see a name of model elements of target elements if the object is outside of the diagram editor.
  • Hyperlink
    • Improved the contents displayed in the name, path, and comment related to URL on the hyperlink information screen.
    • Improved the content displayed on the hyperlink information screen when adding a URL to a hyperlink by dragging and dropping it from a web browser.
  • Sequence Diagram
    • Auto-layout is now available.
  • ER Diagram
    •  The pop-up menu “Jump to Diagram Element” in the ER domain now displays the name of the ER entity in addition to the diagram.
  • Others
    • When Windows shuts down or restarts, the shutdown process is now suppressed if the project has not been saved.
    • Improved a message label that appears when license is loaded successfully.
    • Now auto-layout repositions interfaces in connected form in more proper position.
    • Improved the default size of the newly created diagrams in Icon notations.
    • JavaVM options can now be set in the plist file in ~/Library/Preferences.
Automatic Diagram Layout

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