UEStudio v2022.0

Migliora le prestazioni di avvio e aggiunge nuovi interruttori di menu e mappature dei tasti per le nuove finestre.
March 29, 2022 - 14:02
Nuova versione


  • Improved startup speed and performance including:
    • Various optimizations to startup routines.
    • Startup time has been reduced by up to 50%.
  • File view / explorer window improvements:
    • Existing file view tabs have been split out into separate dockable windows:
      • File explorer.
      • Project.
      • File lists (favorites, recents, etc.).
      • Open files.
      • Tags (Classviewer).
      • Resources.
    • Added new ribbon / menu toggles and key mappings for new windows.
  • Command palette enhancements:
    • Command palette is now fully resizable.
    • More responsive and cleaner user interface.
  • Macro improvements:
    • Improved macro playback speed.
    • Reduced screen updates to improve performance.
    • Added Comment support (use # to create a comment line ignored by macro parser).
    • GetValue now supports 64-bit integers.
    • SaveAs now uses default save directory in all cases.
  • Column mode enhancements:
    • Improved performance for column editing in large files.
    • Added a new option for "Insert/Fill Column" to ignore last line if empty.
  • Find String List (List lines containing string) improvements:
    • Improved performance, especially in large files.
    • Added a new option to automatically refresh results.
    • Double-clicking result highlights now match in file.
    • Added F5 keyboard shortcut to refresh results.
  • Favorite files improvements:
    • Redesigned interface to show columns.
    • Added the ability to sort favorite files by name or path.
  • User tool improvements:
    • Tool output is now displayed in real-time.
    • Added the ability to run tools on remote (FTP) files.
    • Tool runtime input via %modify% now uses active clipboard.
    • Tool tooltips in ribbon now display name.
    • Improved scaling for custom tool icons in toolbar.
  • Perl regular expression improvements:
    • Perl regexp searches are now case sensitive.
    • Added support for Perl regexp DEFINE feature.
    • Improved memory handling to support more complex regexps.
  • Live preview improvements:
    • Improved DOM navigation via double-click in browser window.
    • Improved selection of text in browser window.
  • Settings dialog and user interface improvements:
    • Settings dialog is now fully resizable - text and options flow and wrap as dialog is resized.
    • INI path is now selectable with new "Open" button for fast access to its folder in Application Layout » Advanced.
    • Improved usability of Settings search.
    • Improved settings for default file open directory in File Handling » Load.
    • Various UI tweaks and fixes throughout settings.
  • Smarter F3 (Find Next): Manual selection in source now searches for selection instead of previous regexp.
  • Added a new option to disable automatic expansion of nodes in XML Manager.
  • Added a new option to create new file when all other files are closed.
  • The main application area is now themed when all files are closed.
  • Improved file change detection for network files.
  • FTP improvements for stability and usability.
  • Auto-complete display improvements for non-Latin characters.
  • Improved caret positioning with proportional characters and fonts.
  • Improved error reporting for JSON manager.
  • Ctrl Left Arrow now stops at beginning of file.


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