Help & Manual 9.0.0 Build 6303

Aggiunge il controllo della versione con supporto Git, stili immagine e unione PDF.
Novembre 22, 2022
Nuova versione


  • Version Control with Git Support
    • Added new editable scripted interface supported by all modern version control systems.
    • Ready-to-use scripts for Git and Subversion are included.
  • Image Styles
    • Apply borders to images globally or define the same size for an entire class of images.
    • Define styles for images in the same way as for paragraphs and tables.
    • Add borders, rounded corners and specify alignment for image captions.
  • Figure Tables and Figure Links
    • Now includes a dedicated Figure Link option for linking to figures, tables and link captions.
    • The Table of Figures section in the Print Manual Designer can now be exported.
    • In the Print Manual Designer you now have more control over how your chapter numbering is formatted.
    • Transparent PNGs can now be used in the Print Manual Designer for both PDF and printed manuals.
  • Merge and Embed PDF Files
    • Added support for embedding PDF files, including native embedding in PDF output, both in your project and in your PDF templates.
    • You can now insert individual pages from PDF files and entire PDFs as snippets.
    • You can now insert any PDF file, not just one created by Help & Manual.
  • PDF Peer Review Plugin: Full Comment Roundtrip
    • The PDF Peer Review Plugin now includes a context menu that allows you to update the comments in your project.
  • DeepL Plugin: Server-side Glossaries
    • Added new API Glossaries to the DeepL machine translation tool which improves the ability to define your own translations for specific words and phrases.
  • Markdown Import
    • Now supports importing Markdown files into projects.
  • Variables Supported in More Places
    • You can now use Help & Manual, and user-defined global variables in output file name fields for publishing.
    • The custom menu for eWriter documentations now supports variables.
  • Webhelp with Google Analytics 4 and updated jQuery
    • Now creates Webhelp (HTML + JavaScript) with the latest jQuery v3.6.1.
    • Now offers support for Google Analytics 4.
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