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Aggiunge il supporto per Microsoft .NET 6 e 7.
Dicembre 16, 2022
Nuova versione


LEADTOOLS have released an update across all v22 products:

  • Added support for Microsoft .NET 6 and 7.
  • New eSignature support in the Document Viewer.
  • Optimized QR Barcode speed and detection.
  • Numerous OCR enhancements.
  • New Medical Web Viewer load methods and demos.
  • LEADTOOLS now includes read and write support for Web Picture (WebP) format.
  • Multimedia Updates
    • Added support in the MXF Demultiplexer for MXF Generic Container video streams with H.264 video format.
    • A size limit increase to above 2GB of burning data in the DVDBurner.
    • The ability for the MPEG-2 Transport and H.264 Decoders to handle video resolution changes while running.
    • Added support for NULL output to our capture module, CUDA lossless format in the H.265 encoder, and H.265 encoded camera streams.


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