A proposito di Altova MapForce Server

Automazione ad alta velocità automazione di attività di integrazione dei dati.

Altova MapForce Server automates mapping and aggregation processes designed in Altova MapForce for XML, databases, flat files, EDI, Excel, XBRL, and Web services data. It may be used under the management of FlowForce Server or used standalone.

Altova MapForce Server is based on the built-in data transformation engine developed for MapForce. It performs data transformations for any combination of XML, database, flat file, EDI, Excel, XBRL or Web service using preprocessed and optimized data mappings stored in MapForce Server Execution files. Preprocessing enables faster performance and reduced memory footprint for most data mappings. MapForce Server operates under the management of FlowForce Server, or in a standalone configuration executed from a command line.

MapForce and MapForce Server
After a MapForce mapping is designed and tested, it can be executed by the MapForce Server to automate business processes that require repetitive data transformations. MapForce preprocesses and optimizes data mappings, stores them in MapForce Server Execution files for command-line execution by MapForce Server, and uploads them for use in FlowForce Server jobs.

MapForce Enterprise and Professional Editions include MapForce Server Development Edition, allowing users to compile MapForce mappings and execute them on a local system, with faster performance and reduced memory footprint. MapForce Server Development Edition can be used locally or for testing MapForce Server Execution Files before deployment into production.

MapForce Server Supports Bulk Insert for Databases
Bulk Insert is an operation available for certain databases that allows a large volume of data to be inserted into a database table in a single SQL statement, as opposed to the typical method of using individual Insert statements for each row. Since processing overhead by the database engine is greatly reduced, performance is much faster. Testing MapForce Server with some examples has shown Bulk Insert can be more than 10 times faster than individual Insert statements.

Bulk Insert is also advantageous in multi-user environments. A long series of Insert commands transmitted to the database by one user could potentially be interrupted by another user sending a Select request to the same table, then the Insert sequence would continue. In a situation like this the Select operation would result in incomplete or invalid data.

API for Direct Execution
MapForce Server supports an API that allows direct native execution by programs written in C# and VB.NET in Windows, from other Windows apps via a COM interface, and from Java programs in Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

This API allows developers to incorporate MapForce Server functionality as a feature of their own applications. One use case could be for MapForce Server to transform data coming from an external source to a standard internal format before a developer manipulates it in their own program.

Data mappings for MapForce Server are created in Altova MapForce and saved as MapForce Server Execution files.

The documentation provided with the MapForce Server API contains code examples for C#, C++, Java, VBScript, and Visual Basic to help developers quickly access MapForce Server programmatically from .NET, Java, or COM-based code.