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AppLife DNA

Manage software requirements and author specifications throughout the life of your application as part of an iterative process.

Pubblicato da Kinetic Jump Software
Distribuito da ComponentSource dal 2007

AppLife DNA

AppLife DNA helps you focus squarely on identified requirements, write iterative functional specifications, and effectively communication change over the duration of your project. With AppLife DNA, you can rapidly produce a “living” requirement specification document on-the-fly during any stage of your application development project. AppLife DNA advances iterative software development by transforming requirements analysis and specification authoring from a task to be completed, into a continuous iterative process.

Why AppLife DNA?

  • Are you constantly searching through old and inaccurate requirements documents?
  • Do you suffer from ineffective requirements analysis reviews?
  • Do you struggle to effectively maintain requirements as development inevitably demands change?
  • Would maintaining past application context while analyzing and spec’ing new requirements improve the quality of your analysis efforts?

Software projects are naturally iterative. Most industry experts agree on iterative development practices as...

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Kinetic Jump launches AppLife DNA
Kinetic Jump launches AppLife DNA
Generate functional specifications and/or iterative comparison documents on-the-fly, with a single click.
One software license is required per user includes one year of software maintenance and phone support, Run-time royalty free.

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