A proposito di ArtfulBits SharePoint Suite

All ArtfulBits SharePoint products in one suite.

ArtfulBits SharePoint Suite combines all ArtfulBits SharePoint columns, Web Parts and components. Features include, column lookup, key point indicators (KPI), video, image upload, calendars, email and password management.

Video Column & Web Part Features

  • Supports large number of video file formats (AVI, WMV, SWF, FLV, MP4 and MPEG).
  • Link to external video sources.
  • Chose videos from a SharePoint Library.
  • Upload video files from your computer. 
  • Quick-play from list view.
  • Ability to set default video size.

Progress Column Features

  • Visualizes percentage data using a graphical progress bar.
  • Calculated value support (calculation based on other list columns).
  • Professional progress bar look and feel.
  • Advanced look and feel customization.  
  • Elegant way to show percentage values above 100%.
  • Supports Datasheet view, including edit mode.
  • Two-way conversion between ArtfulBits Progress Column and standard SharePoint percentage Numeric column.

Parent Selector Column Features

  • Exclude items from the lookup list.  
  • Supports lookup data from subfolders.
  • Includes functions for searching inside lookup lists by using a Picker Dialog.
  • Filter retrieved data using existing list views.
  • Single and multiple lookup for standard mode and using the Picker Dialog.
  • Validating Hierarchical Integrity (checking whether hierarchical data is non-cyclic).
  • Supports default values.
  • Supports Datasheet view.
  • Conversion between ArtfulBits Parent Selector column and standard SharePoint Lookup column.

Link to Document Column Features

  • Lookup documents and folders from any Document Library in all sites within site collection.
  • Allows single and multiple selection.
  • Provides ability to edit link display text.
  • Filters by folder.
  • Filters by object type (Files and Folders, Folder only, Files only).
  • Advanced tooltips.
  • Displays file type icon in front of reference.

KPI Column Features

  • Displays an indicator for each individual item in the list using standard Microsoft SharePoint calculated formulas.
  • Calculates values by using data from the associated SharePoint list (a count of items in the list; a computing of total, average, maximum, or minimum of a numerical column in the list).
  • Column customization (multiple icons set; text customization; different column display modes).
  • Predefined set of site columns (KPI Issue Status, KPI Priority, KPI Task Status, KPI % Complete).
  • AJAX support enabled.
  • Language pack support.

Image Upload Column Features

  • Direct image uploading.
  • Support for any type of Microsoft SharePoint list (not only Picture Library).
  • File extensions filtering (predefined and custom extensions supported).
  • Ability to upload files on any type (documents, archives and others).
  • Image thumbnails for list views.
  • Image description support (used as alternative text for the picture).
  • Customizing image appearance on list view and list item Edit/Display forms (specifying image size, limiting image size, displaying image as a link).
  • Resize large images after upload.
  • Images stored in separate internal list sub-folder (no conflict with attachments).

Follow-Up Column Features

  • Set the flag with a due date from predefined list: Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next Week or Custom.
  • Different options of follow-up visualization using combinations of flag, text and date.
  • Support for sorting and filtering features.
  • Support for different calendars (Gregorian, Japanese Emperor Era, Korean Tangun Era, Hijri, etc.).
  • Supported Datasheet view.
  • Two-way conversion between ArtfulBits Follow-Up and standard Microsoft SharePoint Date and Time column.

Discussion Column Features

  • Organize discussions without enabling list versioning.
  • Comments editing.
  • Filtering of empty records.
  • Ability to show whole discussion history or only link to it in a list view.
  • Show user name as a link to user profile page.
  • Display posts in chronological or reverse chronological order.
  • Choose position of user signature.
  • Import data (text) from existing Microsoft SharePoint text columns.

Cross-Site Lookup Column Features

  • Supports lookup data from SharePoint lists in all sites within a site collection.
  • Powerful searching over lookup lists using a Picker Dialog.
  • Supports lookup data from subfolders.
  • Filter retrieved data using existing list views.
  • Single and multiple lookups.
  • Ability to add and edit lookup items on the fly.
  • Supports default values.
  • Supports Datasheet view, including edit mode.

Category Column Features

  • Track list and task items according to associated colors.
  • Professional indicator's look and feel.
  • Advanced customizable tooltips.
  • Ability to show another columns data in the tooltip.
  • Standard and custom indicator colors.
  • Customizable icon size.
  • Filter and sort items according to column headers.
  • Supports Datasheet view, including edit mode.
  • Two-way conversion among ArtfulBits Category Column and standard SharePoint "Choice" column.
  • Language pack support.

Cascaded Lookup Column Features

  • Build parent-child relationships.
  • Ajax support enabled.
  • Unlimited number of cascading levels.
  • Support single-single, single-multi, multi-single and multi-multi relations.
  • Support lookup data from SharePoint lists in all sites within site collection.
  • Support lookup data from subfolders.
  • Filtering retrieved data using existing list views.
  • Ability to add and edit lookup items on the fly.
  • Supported Datasheet view.
  • Conversion among "ArtfulBits Cascaded Lookup", "ArtfulBits Cross-Site Lookup", "ArtfulBits Parent Selector" columns and standard SharePoint "Lookup" column.
  • Language pack support.

Calendar Web Part Features

  • Aggregate events from multiple SharePoint lists, from any site, in one Calendar view    
  • Supports any SharePoint list type (not only Calendar list) in any location    
  • On-the-Fly events - dragging, resizing, editing    
  • Adding and deleting events with a single click    
  • AJAX support    
  • Color customization for source lists events (Background color, Text color)    
  • Event coloring according to event column values    
  • ArtfulBits Category Column integration    
  • User permissions for Calendar sources    
  • Customizable extended tooltips
  • Hour split count (for more precision event displaying)   
  • Customizable time display format for calendar events (None, Start Time, Start & End Time)   
  • Quick date navigation (using cross-browser Date & Time picker)    
  • Ability to switch between "Work Week" and "Full Week" on calendar's weekly view   
  • Ability to expand events by default on calendar's monthly view    
  • List view toolbar    
  • Cross-browser support (IE6+, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari)    
  • SharePoint standard themes support

Email Web Part Features

  • Send email directly from your SharePoint site    
  • Add actions to send email directly from a List Item    
  • Auto-populate To, Subject and body with item column values    
  • Customizable email from field    
  • Supports Active Directory users, SharePoint users, SharePoint groups, Distribution Lists as email recipients    
  • Supports direct email addresses    
  • Supports email templates     
  • Permissions management (restrict users to send e-mails)    
  • User friendly UI (Microsoft Outlook like pickers for To, Cc, Bcc e-mail boxes, html message editor)

Password Reset Web Part Features

  • Reset Active Directory passwords.
  • Form based authentication password reset.
  • Online password delivery.
  • Email password deliver
  • Use up to 3 security questions for AD password reset.
  • Password reset confirmation.
  • Enforce users to change a temporary password upon next login.

Password Expiration Web Part Features

  • Notify users via Web Part interface when password is about to expire.
  • Ability to automatically redirect the users to a specified URL to enforce password changing.
  • Send email notifications to users before their passwords expire.
  • Schedule frequency and grace period for sending emails.
  • Customizable email notification.
  • Language pack support.

Password Change Web Part Features

  • Change passwords without administrator intervention.
  • Supports Windows and form based authentications.
  • Supports AD, LDAP, SQL and other membership providers.
  • Supports Windows local users.  
  • Customizable email notification.
  • Warns users if the password change failed or does not meet the password policy.
  • Customizable Password Policy description.
  • Change Password action added in user personal menu.
  • Language pack support.