Aspose.Total Product Family - Site Small Business - Up to 10 Developers and up to 10 Deployment Locations - Includes Maintenance and Support (1 Year)


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Aspose.Total Product Family - New Perpetual Licenses

Includes Maintenance and Support (1 Year)

Site Small Business - Up to 10 Developers and up to 10 Deployment Locations


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Site Small Business License
Up to Ten Developers and up to Ten Deployment Locations - A Site Small Business License allows Ten developers to create an unlimited number of end user software using the product which can be used at Ten physical locations (distinct address or office building) within your organization. If more than Ten developers use or have access to the product and/or you use the end user software at more than Ten physical locations, buy multiple Site Small Business Licenses or extra Developer Small Business Licenses. It does not support distribution of end user software to third parties, public facing websites/applications, extranets or SaaS project usage scenarios. Only OEM Licenses support this form of distribution. It can support multi-site intranet usage subject to the restrictions on developers and physical location numbers.

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