With patent-pending server side data processing, the high performance DevExpress ASP.NET Data Grid is a powerful editing and data shaping component allowing end-users to easily manage information and display it on-screen as business requirements dictate. Regardless of dataset size, you can use its countless features including a built-in printing engine for instant ad-hoc reporting, without fear of performance penalties.

Grid Column and Row Types

  • Standard Grid View: Easily represent two dimensional data using a standard row/column display metaphor.
  • Banded Grid View: To help better organize information on screen, the ASPxGridView allows you to arrange columns across logical groups (bands) and display them using multi-row headers.
  • Fixed Columns: To improve readability regardless of the number of rows displayed within a grid, the ASPxGridView allows you to anchor columns to its left-most edge. When horizontal...

Ultime Notizie

ASPxGridView adds Multi-Row headers
ASPxGridView adds Multi-Row headers
Version 2011 also improves export performance.
DevExpress products now support VS2010
DevExpress products now support VS2010
All DevExpress .NET products now available with full support for Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework Client Profile.
ASPxGridView and Editors Suite updated
ASPxGridView and Editors Suite updated
Latest version adds new ASP.NET time editor and additional column types.
One software license is required per developer. You may install the product on more than one machine as long as each developer has their own license. This allows you to install it on your work, home...

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Tipo di componente
  • ASP.NET WebForms
  • .NET Class
  • Web Part
  • 100% Managed Code
  • AJAX

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