Chart FX 8

Chart FX 8 is a powerful charting engine that supports a large collection of chart types including bar, area, pie, line, curve, bubble, Parento, polar and surface. Chart FX 8 lets developers and end users navigate through data. It features grouping, filtering, sorting and pivoting, all without writing a single line of code.

ChartFX 8 brings advanced data analysis capabilities and support for the latest computing platforms and technologies.

Easy chart integration to your MVC applications.

Since there is no design view or forms in MVC, you can't just drag and drop the chart where you want it displayed, making it difficult and cumbersome to integrate charts in your MVC projects. The optional Chart FX 8 MVC library contains a few methods that when called at the right place will include all the styles, scripts and...

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Chart FX 8 updated
Chart FX 8 updated
New version adds financial and statistical extensions.
Chart FX 8 released
Chart FX 8 released
Advanced data analysis and visualization for .NET developers.

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Server License: One (1) license per server for a perpetual term. Test Server components must not be used as a separate component in a production environment. For virtualized environments, the Software...

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