A proposito di Code Review Bundle

Esamina il codice, confronta e unisci file e cartelle.

Code Review Bundle includes Review Assistant and Code Compare in one bundle. Review Assistant is a code review plugin for Visual Studio that helps you to create review requests and respond to them without leaving Visual Studio. Code Compare is a tool designed to compare and merge differing files and folders, which integrates with all popular source control systems including TFS, SVN, Git, Mercurial and Perforce.

Review Assistant Features

  • Flexible code reviews - Review Assistant lets you choose a simple or strict code review workflow for your projects. Any developer can start post-commit code review on any set of revisions.
  • Discussions in code - Review Assistant supports threaded comments, so team members can discuss code without scheduled meetings.
  • Iterative review with defect fixing - Review Assistant supports multiple comment-fix-verify cycles in one review.
  • Team Foundation Server integration - Review Assistant provides deeper integration with TFS and Visual Studio Online.
  • Notifications - Set up Review Assistant server to send email notifications about code review events. The client provides additional pop-up notifications within Visual Studio.
  • Reports and statistics - Review Assistant provides a set of reports that help you steer the code review process.

Code Compare Features

  • Text comparison and merging.
  • Structural source code comparison.
  • Visual Studio integration.
  • Code review support.
  • Three-way comparison and automatic merging.
  • Compares entire hierarchies of folders.