Rilasci di ComponentOne Studio WPF

Released: Mar 31, 2022

Aggiornamenti in 2022 v1


  • .NET Framework 4.6.2 Version - Added new versions of all WPF controls that target Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2. Microsoft plans to end support for .NET Framework 4.5.2 later this year, so now you can easily update your ComponentOne references to 4.6.2 to stay up to date. .NET 4.6.2 added some platform-wide enhancements like touch keyboard support and per-monitor DPI awareness.
  • .NET 6 Controls - The following controls have been ported to Microsoft .NET 6: FlexReport, FlexViewer...

Released: Dec 8, 2021

Aggiornamenti in 2021 v3


.NET 6 and Visual Studio 2022 Support
.NET 6 packages for all the previously released .NET 5 controls are available. There are new .NET 6 versions of Scheduler, MultiSelect, and ListView - a reworked version of C1ListBox with an updated, fluent design.

Visual Studio 2022 support includes toolbox, Tools add-on, and newly-implemented Suggested Actions across the suite.Open Suggested Actions by clicking the light bulb on the control at design-time. This gives you quick access to key...

Released: Aug 4, 2021

Aggiornamenti in 2021 v2


  • FlexGrid Column Menus, Cell Styles, and Microsoft Excel Export for .NET 5+
    • The new and improved column menu allows end-users to perform column-based actions at runtimes like sorting, grouping, filtering, and auto-sizing. The built-in filters deliver Excel-like functionality unique for each column data type.
    • By default, FlexGrid applies the filter automatically, meaning the data is filtered as the user changes the UI, but you can change this behavior to be more like Microsoft Excel...

Released: Apr 7, 2021

Aggiornamenti in 2021 v1


  • New .NET 5 Controls for WPF - The following controls are now available for .NET 5 apps: C1Calendar, C1ProgressBar, C1Accordion, C1DragDropManager, C1SpellChecker, C1RadialMenu. These controls can also be used in the latest .NET 6 preview - as Microsoft has created a seamless transition from .NET 5 to future versions.
  • New WPF Calendar for .NET 5 - The WPF calendar component has a new look. Designed for desktop but improved for touch, this calendar supports custom UI templates and...

Released: Dec 2, 2020

Aggiornamenti in 2020 v3


  • .NET 5 Support in WPF
    • The following .NET 5 controls are now production ready: FlexGrid, FlexChart, FlexPie, Input, DateTime Editors, ColorPicker, ComboBox, DropDown, Docking, RichTextBox, TabControl, TreeView, FlexPivot, DataFilter, FilterEditor, Expander, Maps, Ribbon, FinancialChart, TabControl, and RichTextBoxToolstrip (simplified toolbar). The controls also have new default styles compared to the .NET 4.5.2 version. The new default style is more fluent-like, with minimal lines...

Released: Jul 28, 2020

Aggiornamenti in 2020 v2


  • Important Changes to Licensing - Starting with 2020 v2, ComponentOne is issuing a new serial key and licensing system. If you have an active subscription, then there's nothing you'll need to do right away. When you renew or activate a new machine, you'll want to check out how to use the new GrapeCity License Manager. Along with the new licensing system, developers building Microsoft .NET Core, MVC Core, Blazor, Xamarin, and UWP apps no longer need to use the runtime app keys...

Released: Apr 6, 2020

Aggiornamenti in 2020 v1


  • New DataFilter control for WPF - A combination of a slicer and intelligent filter UI. This control lets users filter data based on multiple conditions.

Released: Nov 19, 2019

Aggiornamenti in 2019 v3


  • New Version Targets .NET Framework 4.5.2 - The entire library of WPF controls has been moved to .NET Framework 4.5.2 as the new base version. Starting with the 2019 v3 release, the WPF Edition includes two versions: 4.0 and 4.5.2. GrapeCity will continue to support .NET 4.0 for one more year, or longer if user demand is there.
  • Continued Support for .NET Core 3.0 - All WPF controls have been tested to support .NET Core 3.0. This release improves design-time support for WPF controls...

Released: Jul 30, 2019

Aggiornamenti in 2019 v2


Support for .NET Framework 4.5.2

  • This release continues to update ComponentOne Studio components to support the latest .NET Framework. Microsoft has ended support for .NET 4.5.1, and based upon feedback from an earlier survey, it was decided to update all ComponentOne .NET controls to .NET 4.5.2. This release updates all WinForms and ASP.NET (MVC and Web Forms) controls. GrapeCity will finish updating WPF controls by the next release in November.
  • Starting with 2019 v2, .NET...

Released: Mar 21, 2019

Aggiornamenti in 2019 v1


  • SimplifiedRibbon - The Simplified Ribbon has been updated to use C1Icon (with support for image, font, or vector graphics can be used for buttons) and has improved theme support.
  • FlexGrid - Full text filter behaves similarly to a search box. It allows you to highlight any matches that are contained within the FlexGrid. It gives you the option to match case, match whole word, match numbers, and treat spaces as an "And" operator.
  • FlexGrid now allows you to use C1Icon to also configure...