A proposito di dbForge Data Generator for SQL Server

Genera dati di test realistici istantanei per i database.

dbForge Data Generator for SQL Server allows you to implement new standards for the SQL tables population with test data. The visual data generation tool includes 200+ SQL data generators with flexible configuration. Adjusted to the users’ specific needs, the Data Generator allows for manual control over the creation of foreign key data. The column-intelligent data generation ensures that the data in one column are based on another column’s data.

dbForge Data Generator for SQL Server Feature Highlights:

  • Produce huge volumes of meaningful test data with no hustle
  • Save many hours of manual data population
  • Ensure the data consistency and integrity across tables
  • Preserve inter-column data dependencies and ensure the domain integrity support
  • Create, configure, and share custom data generators with your team members
  • Schedule data generation tasks with the help of the command line interface
  • Integrate the test data generation functionality into SQL Server Management Studio