A proposito di dbForge Documenter for SQL Server

Esplora e documenta i database SQL Server.

dbForge Documenter for SQL Server helps you save time when documenting SQL Server databases. It automatically generates documentation for an entire SQL database, in a few clicks. The tool includes a wide range of options to customize the generated documentation to meet your specific requirements.

dbForge Documenter for SQL Server Feature Highlights

  • Broad picture of database structure - Extracts extensive database info including a wide range of SQL object types, their details and properties, as well as inter-object dependencies and DDL codes.
  • Rich customization features - Supports the selection of individual database objects and their properties to be documented. The tool also contains a rich set of style templates as well as allows changing documentation layout using various Bootstrap themes.
  • Formats supported - Creates documentation in two file formats: HTML and PDF. Both formats are searchable, which is very convenient especially for large databases.
  • Extended properties support - With MS_Description properties supported, you can add annotations to every SQL object including views, tables, columns, indexes, foreign keys, stored procedures, etc.
  • Searchable documentation - Search across the generated documentation for database objects. As you type the name of a required object in the search field, Documenter highlights the matching text in the object tree. You can also navigate throughout the documentation via build-in hyperlinks.
  • SSMS Integration - Documenter integrates seamlessly with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Databases may be documented directly from the Object Explorer of your SSMS solution.