dbForge Studio for MySQL V9.0.567

Released: Apr 22, 2021

Aggiornamenti in V9.0.567


  • Added new commands to Data Viewer.
  • Improved behavior of grouping, sorting and filtering in Data Editor.
  • Informational message added instead of an unexpected exception when importing data from invalid Microsoft Excel files.
  • Added support for processing FOR and END FOR constructions.
  • Optimized synchronization of changes in virtual columns.


  • Fixed issue related to Drag & Drop of nodes in Database Explorer.
  • Error when retrieving data in Data Editor.
  • Error in Database Diagram.
  • Error when opening Object Editor.
  • Bug when renaming an object with refactoring.
  • Issue related to MS Access database in Data Import.
  • Error when opening the Database Diagram document.
  • Issue with a warning about unique keys in Data Editor.
  • Issue with a connection to Azure MySQL when using Azure Active Directory.
  • Freeze issue in Data Editor.
  • Issue with displaying the DEFAULT values of functions in Table Editor.
  • Issue related to ANSI_QUOTES when generating DDL objects.
  • Issue related to renaming objects with refactoring without full privileges.
  • Incorrect behavior when importing data: now the default value for table columns when generating a script is taken into account.
  • Incorrect behavior when exporting data: float data export as a string.
  • Unexpected exception while generating data.
  • Error when exporting data to the Excel format.
  • Incorrect highlighting for changes preview nodes when renaming.
  • Issue with floating point types (float, real, double) incorrectly handled by the code parser in certain cases.
  • Issue with a possible application crash during status bar updates.
  • Failure to detect caret position when suggesting code snippets due to fatal error.
  • Number of exceptional cases when renaming objects.
  • Possible errors when parsing queries due to the incorrect handling of built-in date and time functions.
  • Possible unrecoverable error when trying to get hardware info for analytics.
  • Issue with possible compilation failure for specific procedures due to critical error.
  • Possible application freeze when scrolling through large scripts.
  • Incorrect code parser behavior when handling specific subqueries
  • Application failure with critical error after renaming the table added to Query Builder
  • Critical error when searching through any Data Report document
  • Possible errors after calculating context for code completion suggestions.
  • Issue with currently active document window not being focused after closing the Find and Replace panel
  • Possible application crash when caching document content for restoring.
  • Error when comparing stored procedures.
  • Issue with a request to server metadata.
  • Error in ignoring spaces through the command line when working with options.
  • Error in finding dependencies when working with quoted object names.
  • Error in reading table partitioning settings.
  • Critical error when quitting the application.
  • Critical error when processing versioned comments.