DeepCode AI Code Review

Identifica i bug di software prima che si verifichino, con la massima precisione e pertinenza possibili.

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DeepCode AI Code Review

DeepCode is an AI Software Platform that learns from programmers and uses the acquired knowledge to make suggestions on how your code can be improved. DeepCode understands the intent and detailed functions of software code. The AI Software Platform continuously learns the latest standards, solutions, and know-how from 'Big Code' and the global software development community and provides powerful tools and suggestions to software developers. DeepCode AI Code Review identifies bugs before they happen. It reviews every code commit and will immediately let you know of critical vulnerabilities and suggest how to fix them. DeepCode supports Java, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript and XML.

DeepCode integrates with code hosting platforms such as GitHub, Bitbucket Server or GitLab. For all integrations - cloud and self-managed - DeepCode provides the same core set of features. In particular:

  • AI QA Audit: Analyze any branch of your repositories and see DeepCode's analysis results in your browser.
  • AI Code Review:
    • Commit analysis: DeepCode automatically analyzes all your commits and comments on them. This way you can see if a commit introduces any new issues.
    • Pull request analysis...

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DeepCode AI Code Review rilasciati
DeepCode AI Code Review rilasciati
Identifica i bug di software prima che si verifichino, con precisione e pertinenza elevate.

Prezzi da: $ 235.20

DeepCode AI Code Review is available as a Cloud Service or as a Self-Managed (Self-Hosted) solution. It is licensed per developer on an annual basis.

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