FastReport .NET WinForms + WebForms

FastReport .NET is a full-featured reporting solution for Windows Forms and ASP.NET. With FastReport .NET, you can create application-independent reports. FastReport .NET can be used as a standalone reporting tool. You can connect to any database, use any table from it or create a query. Add dialogue form(s) to your report to ask some parameters before running a report, using built-in script, you can manage interaction between dialogue form’s controls, perform complex data handling. You can view the result, print it and export to many common document formats.

FastReport .NET is available in 5 editions:

  • WinForms
  • Win+WebForms
  • Professional
  • Enterprise
  • Ultimate

FastReport .NET Features

  • Full source code is available. You can customize your copy of FastReport .NET to match your needs.
  • Report Designer. You get a full-featured reporting solution with runtime royalty-free report engine and designer!
  • Extendable FastReport .NET architecture allows you to create your own objects, export filters, wizards, DB engines. If existing abilities are not enough for you...

Ultime Notizie

FastReport .NET WinForms + WebForms 2021.3.1
FastReport .NET WinForms + WebForms 2021.3.1
Aggiunge la possibilità di effettuare l'esportazione in XODT e XODS.
FastReport .NET WinForms + WebForms 2021.2.1
FastReport .NET WinForms + WebForms 2021.2.1
Aggiunge la possibilità di caricare dati XML tramite URL.
FastReport.Net WinForms + WebForms 2021.1
FastReport.Net WinForms + WebForms 2021.1
Aggiunge il supporto per .NET 5 insieme ai nuovi tipi di codice a barre.
FastReport.Net WinForms + WebForms 2020.4.x
FastReport.Net WinForms + WebForms 2020.4.x
Adesso lo script di report viene controllato alla ricerca di codici malevoli.
FastReport.Net WinForms + WebForms 2020.3.x
FastReport.Net WinForms + WebForms 2020.3.x
Aggiunge un nuovo tipo di codice QR: Codice QR svizzero.
FastReport.Net WinForms + WebForms 2020.2
FastReport.Net WinForms + WebForms 2020.2
Aggiunge il supporto per lo standard PDF/A-1a nell'esportazione PDF e la nuova esportazione in DXF.

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One software license is required per named user. Run-time royalty free. Single Named User License - Licenses an individual named user. Team License - Licenses up to 4 Named Users within the same...

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  • ASP.NET WebForms
  • .NET WinForms

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