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FastReport Online Designer is a cross-platform visual report designer for FastReport.NET reports. It allows you to create, edit and view reports on devices with Android, iOS or Windows platform. The designer can be run on any device with a modern browser whether it's a computer, tablet, smartphone, game console or a TV set.

FastReport Online Designer is a report designer that works in any modern browser. It can be used to create and view reports as well as edit report templates compatible with FastReports.NET, FastReports.NET Win+WebForms, FastReport Core and FastReport Open Source.

FastReport Online Designer is included in FastReport.NET Enterprise or is available as an additional option for users of FastReport.NET Win+WebForms or FastReport.NET Professional editions as well as the Open Source edition.


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FastReport Online Designer released
FastReport Online Designer released
Create, edit and view FastReport.NET reports on Windows, Android or iOS platforms.

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