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Froala Charts is a comprehensive library of JavaScript charts to create beautiful, responsive reports and interactive dashboards for web and mobile applications. Incorporating data visualization capabilities via interactive charts has been a growing need for enterprise app developers that are also using Froala Editor. Froala Charts bridges the gap. Draw quick insights from your data using the wide variety of visualizations from basic charts, widgets, to domain-specific charts and more. Choose from basic column charts, line charts, pie charts, combo charts, to powerful widgets such as gauges, KPIs, funnels, or advanced domain-specific charts such as timeseries, radar, chord, sankey, heat maps and more.

Froala Charts for your data visualization needs:

  • Highly Customizable and Easy To Use - Just like the other Froala products, Froala Charts needs no learning curve. Easy to use APIs, numerous config options to customize charts to your specific needs, great looking themes as well as smart defaults to auto-detect the best charts for your data, you can fully control the look-and-feel of the charts.
  • Easy front-end integrations - Written in plain JavaScript, Froala Charts allows integration into...

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Froala Charts v1.0
Froala Charts v1.0
Grafici interattivi per creare report e dashboard reattivi per applicazioni Web e mobili.

Prezzi da: $ 234.22

All licenses are perpetual and include 1 year of free software updates. Basic, Pro, Enterprise, Monthly active users, Unlimited, Unlimited, Unlimited, Number of developers, Unlimited, Unlimited...

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