GdPicture.NET SDK

GdPicture.NET SDK (formerly GdPicture.NET Document Imaging SDK Ultimate) is an all-inclusive package to perform any task related to document imaging, image processing, document management, barcoding and more. Reduce your time and cost: with one single toolkit you can develop powerful custom applications to fit your exact needs. GdPicture.NET is a 100% royalty-free and extensive imaging SDK for Winforms, WPF and Web development. The SDK package includes both native .NET and COM/ActiveX components. GdPicture.NET is thread-safe, AnyCPU and perfect for applications written in C#, VB.NET, VB6, Delphi, C++, MS-Access, Visual Foxpro, HTML, Javascript, Vbscript, ASP.NET, PHP and more. The GdPicture team provides fast, reliable and custom technical support. GdOicture .NET Document Imaging SDK Ulitmate edition includes all the features of the GdPicture.NET core as well as all the plugins currently available (1D, Aztec, Datamatrix, QR-Code and PDF417 barcode plugin, Managed PDF, XMP/Annotations, JBIG2, OCR/Tesseract, OMR/Forms Processing, MICR, DICOM and Color Detection plugins).

GdPicture.NET SDK Features Overview:


  • .NET WinForms UserControls - Provides .NET WinForm native UserControls available in the edition: document viewer, thumbnail viewer, bookmark explorer, and annotation editor.
  • .NET WPF Controls - Provides all available .NET WPF Controls of the toolkit: document viewer, thumbnail viewer and bookmark explorer.
  • COM Interoperability - Use GdPicture.NET controls in any environment that support COM/ActiveX such as Delphi, Windev, VB6, Gupta, DataFlex...

Ultime Notizie

GdPicture.NET SDK v14.1.124
GdPicture.NET SDK v14.1.124
Migliora il motore di rendering MSG e la precisione del lettore di codici a barre 1D.
GdPicture.NET SDK v14.1.123
GdPicture.NET SDK v14.1.123
Aggiunge il supporto per la conversione di qualsiasi documento in SVG.
GdPicture.NET SDK v14.1.122
GdPicture.NET SDK v14.1.122
Include miglioramenti all'accuratezza OCR e al rendering dei formati di Microsoft Office.
GdPicture.NET SDK v14.1.121
GdPicture.NET SDK v14.1.121
Migliora il convertitore PDF/A e i motori di convalida.
GdPicture.NET SDK v14.1.120
GdPicture.NET SDK v14.1.120
Migliora la precisione del codice QR e del lettore di codici a barre 1D.
GdPicture.NET SDK v14.1.119
GdPicture.NET SDK v14.1.119
Migliora l'accuratezza OCR e il motore di rendering in formato Office.

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One software license is required per seat per year. GdPicture.NET SDK annual license grants you access to the toolkit, ongoing upgrades, and technical support. The number of seats should correspond to...

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Component Type
  • .NET Class
  • .NET Core
  • COM/ActiveX

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