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InstallShield 2014 Express

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Quick and easy installations that support today's technologies.

InstallShield Express is easy to use and shields setup authors from installation complexities of building a setup. With InstallShield Express you can rapidly build, test and implement Windows installations in record time without any training. InstallShield Express keeps setup authors up to date with support for the latest technologies and industry standards, including Windows 8, Windows Installer 5 (MSI 5), .NET support. InstallShield Express is a cost-effective solution that will fit into any budget, making it possible for everyone to create professional looking Windows installations.

Sistema operativo per implementazione
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP

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InstallShield 2014 released
InstallShield 2014 released
New version simplifies complex web/server application installations.
InstallShield 2013 Simplifies Server Installations
InstallShield 2013 Simplifies Server Installations
Use multi-tier templates to deploy Web/Server applications as a single cloud-ready package.
InstallShield Express Special Offer
InstallShield Express Special Offer
InstallShield Express customers receive 50% off when upgrading to InstallShield Professional.
InstallShield 2012 Spring released
InstallShield 2012 Spring released
New version supports Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 and Visual Studio 11 Beta.


After I bought a new computer, I was unable to activate the InstallShield product which I own. On support request they do not answer. The so called "offline activation" doesnt work - they didnt activation also didnt worked - I sent the request by mail but never received any answer. The prices are very arrogant and way too high.
InstallShield Express 2011 has broken Visual Source Safe 2005. I am not able to use VSS with VB.Net 2003, but can do so with other VB.Net series ok. Their support has been slow and after 2 weeks they are now announcing that they can replicate the problem, have no work around, and no eta.
The Netherlands
I've been using the product since version 2.0. During versions the software has become more expensive and the language support has disappeared. The software is good for its job, except it has some problems with non existing drives. It also uses binair files (instead of text files) to store the project, which is pretty bad when you have problems.
The InstallShield Express V3.5 product continues this product's tradition of simple setup creation; simple in the sense of making things much easier for experienced people who know what they are doing in creating a Windows setup package, and moreover know how to troubleshoot Windows setup issues.
InstallShield Software Corp.
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