Jfuscator is a Java code protection and obfuscation solution. It protects your intellectual property by making it extremely difficult to reverse engineer Java applications. Jfuscator knows what code is safe to change and what needs to be left alone, and gives you full control of the obfuscation process.

Jfuscator Features

  • Obfuscation - Jfuscator automatically detects and modifies calls to the reflection API to remain consistent with renamed symbols names.
  • String Morphing - Morph strings that contain sensitive data, making an attack based on encrypted strings impossible.
  • Smart Flow Obfuscation - Breaks high level constructs such as loops, conditional and branching instructions by applying code transformations at byte code level. Jfuscator obscures program flow without changing what the code does...

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Jfuscator released
Jfuscator released
Protect Java software against code modification and IP theft.

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Licensed per named user. This means the software can only be used by a designated individual within an organization and only on their personal machine. Standard License includes 90 days critical bug...

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