Specifiche List & Label Standard Reporting Edition

  List & Label
List & Label
Professional Subscription
List & Label
Enterprise Subscription
Designer for developers and end users, for most desktop applications
Print, preview and export in all supported formats
Wide range of programming languages supported; code examples available
Programmer’s Manual and Designer User Manual as PDF files
Designer documentation as DOC/PDF file, Designer help text as source file
Service packs, access to knowledge base, forums and RSS feeds for 1 year
Full unicode support for international character sets
License can be used non-concurrently on the developer's PC and notebook
Number of report parameters 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Support at www.combit.net/en/support-center, or by telephone #1 #2
Support for multiple languages in Designer: add-on language kits available #3 #4
Suitable for most server/web server applications, and as a service #5 #5
One-year subscription including feature updates; automatic renewal  
Service packs throughout subscription  
64-bit version and 32/64 bit Mail Proxy  
2D barcodes  
DOM (document object model): customize/create projects without Designer  
Customizable SAP Crystal Reports converter  
Suitable for Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and cloud computing   #5
combit Report Server as browser-based out-of-the-box reporting solution    
Shapefiles for geovisualization and more    
Formula assistant can be integrated into applications, independently of LL    
Priority support with bug fixing policy #6    
Long term support for versions with even version numbers until release of next LTS version, typically 2 years    
15% discount on training courses and customization services    
Exclusive advance information on major new versions    
.NET source code as reference    
Participation in beta testing for major new versions