About OfficeHTMLFilter

View Office documents easily through your Web browser.

OfficeHTMLFilter is the upgraded version of DMC HTMLFilter V1, part of the Dynamic Multiplatform Converter series. Designed for conversion from Office documents to HTML in various kinds of server environments, such as Windows, Solaris and Linux.

OfficeHTMLFilter V1.1 is a Software Development Kit (SDK) which converts a Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel document into HTML on a server. Users are able to access its convenient functionalities (converting office document to HTML) programmatically by building this library into their own application or system.

No need for native application
To convert document to HTML, MS Office Application (Word/Excel/PowerPoint) does not need to be installed.

Multi-thread applications
The library is made as thread safe, and can therefore be used from multi-thread applications. It is possible to use this specification to output HTML files in bulk on the server.

Available for Windows, Solaris, and Linux
The library is available for Windows, Solaris and Linux. The library has been designed and developed as a multi-platform version, and can therefore be transported quickly even when other OS/CPU are combined.