A proposito di Oxygen Feedback

Una moderna piattaforma per la creazione di commenti per interagire continuamente con la tua community.

Oxygen Feedback provides a simple and efficient way for your community to interact and offer feedback. It is easy to configure and integrate, and it includes a user-friendly interface and numerous useful features for both Commenters and Administrators. Oxygen Feedback Enterprise allows you to install the software on your own servers for better control over the data. You can also connect to an LDAP directory for authentication.

Oxygen Feedback Features

  • Social Media Login - Your users have the ability to sign in using their Google or Facebook credentials to quickly post their feedback.
  • Interaction from Anywhere - Oxygen Feedback can be used from anywhere and on any type of device.
  • Easy Text Styling - Your commenters can style the content of their feedback with ease using toolbar actions or entering Markdown directly in the visual editor.
  • Versioned Comments - You can assign a version during installation for multi-versioned documentation. Each comment inherits the specified version and you can choose which versions will be displayed in the output.
  • Oxygen Integration - You can see all of the comments in a side-view in Oxygen XML Editor/Author and react to user feedback by making corrections and updating the source content without leaving the application.
  • Simple Workflow - The Dashboard page in the admin interface helps you to clearly see the items that require your attention and progress through a simple workflow.
  • Usage Statistics - View filterable statistics to analyze your community's usage data, such as the number of comments added or the number of page views for each version.
  • Comment Moderation - Choose which comments are displayed to the public. There are several convenient ways to manage or reply to comments and email notifications are sent for various events.
  • Administration Interface - Manage your Feedback sites, users, comments and various settings from a modern, web-based administration interface that was designed to be very user-friendly.