PDFBundle4NET (PDFView4NET WinForms Edition + PDF4NET)

PDFBundle4NET includes PDF4NET and PDFView4NET. PDF4NET is a .NET library for creating, editing and filling PDF files on the fly from any .NET application. The library provides a simple API that allows you to create complex PDF documents, or to edit existing PDF files with a few lines of code. Its core functionality can be divided into 3 main areas: PDF creation, PDF editing and PDF forms filling. PDFView4NET is a .NET toolkit for displaying and printing PDF files in .NET applications. It includes a PDF viewer control for Windows Forms and a .NET library for rendering and printing PDF files from any .NET application. The PDF viewer control for Windows Forms includes support for annotating PDF files, bookmarks navigation, adding and removing file attachments and other features. The toolkit includes its own PDF rendering engine and it does not rely on any other software for rendering and printing PDF files.

The PDF4NET library can use either a grid based layout approach allowing precise positioning of content on document's pages or a flow based layout making the generation of complex documents a breeze. The final PDF file is compressed, making the library appropriate for web applications. The library can be used from WinForms, ASP.NET, WPF, UWP, .NET Core, Mac, iOS and Android applications without any restrictions,the source code being fully portable between platforms. The library is written...

Ultime Notizie

Ottimizza le dimensioni dei file per ottenere PDF accessibili
Ottimizza le dimensioni dei file per ottenere PDF accessibili
March 7, 2024Product Update
PDF4NET 14 aggiunge una nuova funzione di compressione della struttura per i file PDF/UA, consentendo di ridurre le dimensioni dei file e di facilitare l'accesso alle informazioni.
Importa ed esporta facilmente le annotazioni dai PDF
Importa ed esporta facilmente le annotazioni dai PDF
November 7, 2023Product Update
PDF4NET 13.2.0 aggiunge il supporto per l'importazione e l'esportazione di annotazioni come FDF e XFDF, migliorando la collaborazione e creando documenti PDF data-portable.
PDF4NET 13.1.4
PDF4NET 13.1.4
October 4, 2023Nuova versione
Aggiunge il supporto per la conversione veloce da RGB PNG a PDF.
PDFView4NET V11.2.1
PDFView4NET V11.2.1
September 7, 2023Nuova versione
Aggiunge il supporto per la ricerca senza distinzione dei caratteri accentati.
PDF4NET 13.1.3
PDF4NET 13.1.3
September 6, 2023Nuova versione
Aggiunge il supporto per la trasformazione della struttura interna della pagina da un elenco a una struttura ad albero.
PDF4NET 13.1.1
PDF4NET 13.1.1
July 4, 2023Nuova versione
Migliora le prestazioni durante l'estrazione del testo.

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PDF4NET .NET Framework Edition - Includes single user license of PDF4NET library. .NET framework, Windows Forms, WPF, Xamarin.Mac, The PDF4NET library is licensed per developer. One license can be...

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Supported Platforms
  • PDF4NET .NET Framework Edition
    • .NET framework, Windows Forms, WPF, Xamarin.Mac
Component Type
  • .NET WinForms
  • .NET Core
Compatible Containers
  • .NET Framework 4.x and .NET Core 3.x

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