Rilasci di PDFlib PLOP DS

Released: Feb 28, 2023

Aggiornamenti in 5.5


  • Security and performance updates of third-party components.
  • Improved all language bindings and updates for the latest language versions including Microsoft .NET 6/7, PHP 8.1/8.2, Perl 5.34/5.36 and Ruby 3.1.
  • Added support for arm64/x86_64 bindings on Apple macOS.

Released: Nov 19, 2021

Aggiornamenti in 5.4 (maintenance release)


  • Added support for Microsoft Windows 11.
  • Removed support for Microsoft Windows 7.

Released: May 8, 2020

Aggiornamenti in 5.4


  • Support of proxy servers for network access.
  • Does not create a separate PDF update for the DSS since some signature validation tools complained that 'Signature doesn't cover whole document'.
  • Enables transport compression for CRLs and OCSP to accelerate network transmission.
  • Adds workaround for misconfigured CAs when downloading CRLs.

Released: Sep 7, 2018

Aggiornamenti in 5.3


  • Support for signing with Amazon CloudHSM.
  • PKCS#11 improvements for common security tokens.
  • Support PSS encoding scheme for RSA signatures via PKCS#11.
  • Improvements for LTV signatures in certain usage scenarios with OCSP responders.
  • Updated language bindings and platform support.
  • pCOS interface 12 with support for identifying upcoming ISO standards.
  • Added the pCOS command-line tool.
  • Improved PDF optimization.


  • Bug fixes for Unicode support in digital ID passwords and file...

Released: Feb 23, 2017

Aggiornamenti in 5.2


Several enhancements for digital signatures and certificate security including the following:

  • Supports EMSA-PSS encoding scheme for RSA signatures.
  • Supports OAEP for RSA certificate security.
  • Reject input documents with certification signatures and permissions=nochanges unless the "sacrifice" option has been supplied to avoid breaking existing certification signature.
  • No longer requires "conformance=extended" for NIST-15 elliptic curves other than P-256/P-384/P-521 since these are...

Released: May 24, 2016

Aggiornamenti in V5.1


  • Updated time-stamping support according to RFC 5816 (SigningCertificateV2/ESSCertIDv2).
  • Optimized file size and processing speed for generating signatures.
  • Timing options for OCSP.
  • Support for indirect CRLs.
  • Made CRL retrieval more robust, e.g. unexpected HTTP headers.
  • Workarounds in the PKCS#11 engine to handle behavior of certain token models.
  • PKCS#11 improvements for multi-threaded signing applications.
  • Support for signing with a Hardware Security Module (HSM).
  • Create PAdES/CAdES...