SQL Toolbelt Essentials

SQL Toolbelt Essentials makes SQL Server development efficient and ensures manual database changes are safe. It includes SQL Compare Pro, SQL Data Compare Pro, SQL Source Control, SQL Prompt, SQL Data Generator, SQL Doc, SQL Test, SQL Multi Script, SQL Dependency Tracker and SQL Search. Redgate's SQL Compare Pro is an industry-standard SQL Server comparison tool used by 71% of the Fortune 100. With SQL Toolbelt Essentials you get everything you need to speed up coding, set up simple change management, and take your first steps in Database Lifecycle Management. For even more functionality SQL Toolbelt is available which adds SQL Change Automation, SQL Monitor and SQL Backup Pro.

SQL Toolbelt Essentials includes the following products:

  • SQL Compare Pro - Compare and synchronize database schemas.
  • SQL Data Compare Pro - Compare and synchronize database contents.
  • SQL Source Control - Connect your databases to your source control system.
  • SQL Prompt - Write, format, and refactor SQL effortlessly.
  • SQL Data Generator - Generate realistic test data fast, based on column and table names.
  • SQL Doc - Automatically generate database documentation.
  • SQL Test - Write and run unit tests...

Ultime Notizie

SQL Prompt Pro
SQL Prompt Pro
Aggiunge il supporto per DROP IF EXISTS per Azure SQL Server.
SQL Compare Pro
SQL Compare Pro
Aggiunge il supporto per gli oggetti PolyBase.
SQL Prompt Pro
SQL Prompt Pro
Aggiunge il supporto per i modelli di ricerca del grafico quando si utilizzano istruzioni di unione.
SQL Prompt Pro
SQL Prompt Pro
Aggiunge il supporto per le credenziali con ambito di database in SQL Server 2016 e versioni successive.
SQL Prompt Pro
SQL Prompt Pro
Aggiunge il supporto per CURRENT_TIMEZONE e CURRENT_TIMEZONE_ID quando si utilizza Azure SQL Server.
SQL Prompt Pro 10.4.3
SQL Prompt Pro 10.4.3
Migliora l'aspetto in modalità a contrasto elevato.

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SQL Toolbelt Essentials requires one software license per user. Support and upgrades: For the duration of the purchased support period; 1 Year, 2 Years or 3 Years, you will receive: Free upgrades...

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