Remoting SDK

Remoting SDK is a framework that allows you to build Servers that expose functionality using Services. These services can then be accessed remotely over the network from Client Applications running on and created with a wide variety of platforms and languages.

Remoting SDK Features

Servers can be written in Delphi, C++Builder and .NET (C#, Visual Basic.NET, Swift, Oxygene, and Java). They can be deployed to Linux, Windows and macOS servers, including cloud hosting providers such as Amazon Web Services or Azure, and of course self-hosted servers - giving you a wide range of options and flexibility. Remoting SDK makes writing servers easy, without requiring a lot of expertise in networking APIs and technologies. Getting a server up and running can be a...

Ultime Notizie

Remoting SDK
Remoting SDK
September 21, 2021Nuova versione
Aggiunge il supporto per Embarcadero Delphi e C++Builder 11 Alexandria.
Remoting SDK
Remoting SDK
August 13, 2021Nuova versione
Aggiunge compatibilità con .NET Core 5 e una migliore integrazione con le nuove funzionalità della piattaforma .NET.
Remoting SDK
Remoting SDK
July 10, 2020Nuova versione
Aggiunge il supporto per Embarcadero Delphi 10.4 Sydney.
Remoting SDK 9.7.115
Remoting SDK 9.7.115
June 14, 2019Nuova versione
Aggiunge il supporto per Visual Studio 2019.
Remoting SDK v9.5.111
Remoting SDK v9.5.111
December 28, 2018Nuova versione
Aggiunge il supporto per Embarcadero Delphi 10.3 Rio.
Remoting SDK v9.5
Remoting SDK v9.5
November 23, 2018Nuova versione
Aggiunge il supporto per il ricaricamento automatico del certificato SSL, più la compatibilità con l'IDE Acqua di RemObjects.

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