A proposito di SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup

Cerca e filtra le informazioni dagli elenchi in altri siti.

SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup allows you to look up and pull information from any site in a site collection and broadens your lookup scope for maximum data reuse. You can filter items by selecting the view in the lookup field, which enables you to focus on a subset of items in a target list helping you to refine your choices.

SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup

  • Lookup data from any site within the same site collection.
  • Filter retrieved items by list views.
  • Supports find-as-you-type functionality.
  • Add new items to the target list via “Create new item…” link.
  • Look up items in folder mode.
  • Remove duplicate lookup items.
  • Supports look up information from "Date and Time" and "Number" columns.
  • Allows multiple selections.
  • Ability to set default value.
  • Auto-adjust the width of drop-down list box according to value size.
  • Supports Cross-Site Lookup column as site column.
  • Convert between SharePoint Lookup column, Cross-Site Lookup column and Cascaded Lookup column.
  • Supports exporting Cross-Site Lookup column data to Microsoft Excel.
  • Link SharePoint lists to Microsoft Access databases so that you can view and edit Cross-Site Lookup column data.
  • Export Cross-Site Lookup column data to Microsoft Access databases.
  • Manage Cross-Site Lookup column data in Microsoft Word.
  • Sync Cross-Site Lookup column data to SharePoint Workspace.