A proposito di SharePoint List Sync

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SharePoint List Sync simplifies project management among different departments in your company by combining their SharePoint lists so you can work with one aggregated list. SharePoint lists may also be sorted and split into several other lists. Permissions may be set for specific users for content restriction. Eliminate idle time as SharePoint List Sync automatically updates changes from source lists to target lists as well as sync reversely so any progress is always up-to-date.

SharePoint List Sync is an add-on feature for synchronizing document files or lists between source and target lists among SharePoint collaborators. Real-time or manual syncing happens when documents or items are modified, deleted, checked in or approved.

  • In a project management situation, List Sync helps a Project Manager manage and sync several teams' documents and tasks by setting up a source list of files and a lot of target lists for collaborators in SharePoint. Any information the Project Manager changes in his source list will be updated in the target team's lists. It would be clear to each collaborator or team of what his tasks and requirements are. The teams can modify and update their own tasks and they will be synced back to the Project Manager's source list.
  • Work effectively among SharePoint collaborators by syncing documents, folders and other files within your workgroups as files that are edited, modified, revised or added are automatically synced within the group for continuous work progress.
  • SharePoint lists to be synchronized
  • Manage files efficiently among users by mapping which items or columns are to be synced. Items added, modified, deleted, checked in or approved will be synced actively. Attachments can also be synced; as well as syncing item folder's structure.
  • SharePoint lists mapping for SharePoint List Sync.
  • Modifications made from target lists can be synced back to source lists when Reverse Sync is activated.
  • View different teams' development in an aggregate list by combining different collaborators' lists into a Union List. Specific columns can be selected to be synced.
  • Union SharePoint lists together to synchronization.
  • Large lists may also be separated and sorted into different lists if it matches sync conditions from the source.
  • Track and record changes by setting a log schedule or by downloading a Microsoft Excel log file every time a sync is made.