A proposito di SharePoint Permission Report

Genera vari report di autorizzazione per migliorare la gestione di SharePoint.

SharePoint Permission Report provides a simple and efficient way to generate different types of permission reports. Administrators can generate reports based on account, permission level, permission inheritance or selected site list. SharePoint Group reports are also available.

Account Permission Report
Not only is it a difficult undertaking for site collection administrators to overview what permissions a user has on all SharePoint content in a SharePoint Environment, but it usually takes a long time as well. The account report feature of this SharePoint reporting tool, provides a quick and effective way to identify what permissions an account or a group has on each site and for individual content. This will both save your time and improve your management.

Site or List Permission Report
How do you check site or list permissions in a native SharePoint environment generally? Spend a long time entering each site or list permission settings page and then check them? Site or List Permission Report, contrary to other SharePoint Reporting Services, provides a quick and easy way to view site or list permissions. Just select a site or list, click the "Run" button and you have all the permissions listed on one page.

Permission Level Access Report
As an administrator, you may want to know which users have "Full Control" permission on all contents. Additionally, you might also want to make sure the correct permissions were assigned to the correct users or groups. Native SharePoint 2010 reports cannot help with this undertaking. This SharePoint reporting service, instead, provides the answer with a simple report that displays which users and groups have a selected permission level. Moreover, it can also help administrators to confirm if an account has the correct permission level.

Permission Inheritance Report
As an administrator, you may be tasked with the challenge of establishing a clear permissions hierarchy when some lists and sub-sites within a site has fine-grained permissions applied. The Permission Inheritance Report provides a SharePoint report that makes site and list permission inheritance clear and simple. It can also identify if a list or site has unique permissions.

SharePoint Group Report
How do you find out SharePoint group details? Enter each group and check?
This SharePoint reporting function focused on Groups provides an easy way to show what a SharePoint group is made of, from the group owner to individual members on one page.

Export Reports
After generating a SharePoint permissions report, this SharePoint reporting tool can export it as excel file. This allows the administrator to research and analyze the report further, outside of a SharePoint environment.