TeamCity Cloud

TeamCity Cloud lets you run your builds on build agents provided by JetBrains, or connect build agents from your own network. Mix and match various options to get the most efficient setup for you.

TeamCity Cloud Features

  • Built to meet the needs of today’s software teams, TeamCity Cloud applies all of JetBrains’ hard earned knowledge about the best development practices to continuous integration. Whether you use Maven, Ant, Gradle, MSBuild, or other tools, TeamCity understands how your project is built and lets you set up CI/CD with ease.
  • Managed by JetBrains - Eliminate the pain of installing and maintaining physical servers. TeamCity Cloud supports the latest build tools and test...

Ultime Notizie

TeamCity Cloud 2021.1.2
TeamCity Cloud 2021.1.2
Migliora la logica di rilevamento di Monitoraggio prestazioni e Python.
TeamCity Cloud rilasciato
TeamCity Cloud rilasciato
Crea software più velocemente e con meno bug.

Prezzi da: $ 178.20

TeamCity Cloud is available as an Annual Subscription License, to continue to use it after 1 year, you need to renew the license. TeamCity Cloud subscription levels are predominantly based on the...

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