Rilasci di Telerik UI for WinForms

Released: Mar 13, 2024

Aggiornamenti in 2024 Q1 (2024.1.312)


  • RadDropDownList
    • Serialized the DropDownAnimationEnabled and DropDownAnimationEasing inside the Visual Studio designer.
  • RadVirtualGrid
    • CopySelection and CutSelection methods are now virtual.
  • Theming
    • The FluentTheme type is now forwarded to the Telerik.WinControls assembly.
  • PdfProcessing
    • Introduced support for fonts that use simulated bold and italic forms.
  • ZipLibrary
    • Added support for creating AES-encrypted archives.


  • Installation and general issues
    • Windows11Compact themes...

Released: Jan 31, 2024

Aggiornamenti in 2024 Q1


  • What's new
    • Added Microsoft Windows 11 Light and Dark compact themes.
    • Added support for embedding file streams with PdfProcessing library.
    • Added support for extracting AES-encrypted archives.
  • RadGridView
    • Added the ability to show summary row values when groups are collapsed.
    • Improved performance of StringTokenizer used when data is pasted.
    • Added an event that allows you to customize or replace the column in auto-generated columns mode.
  • RadPivotGrid
    • Added the option in...

Released: Nov 15, 2023

Aggiornamenti in R3 2023 SP1


  • What's new
    • Added support for Microsoft .NET 8.
  • RadNavigationView
    • Add header and footer area in the navigation container.
  • RadSpinEditor
    • Exposed API to lazily create the up and down buttons.
  • ThemeViewer
    • The ThemeViewer project has been added to the .NET Core solution.
  • WordsProcessing
    • Introduced a mechanism to replicate the whole row when a nested mail merge is executed on a table with only one column.


  • RadRichTextEditor
    • When spanning inline content control on three pages, an...

Released: Oct 11, 2023

Aggiornamenti in R3 2023


  • What's new
    • Added new RadPipsPager component that allows users to navigate through paginated content displayed linearly.
    • Added new RadSlideView component that allows users to slide between different views.
    • Added new RadNotifyIcon component that adds a notification icon in the notification tray.
    • Added support for Microsoft Windows 11 Dark Theme.
  • RadPivotGrid
    • You can now bind to ICustomTypeProvider.
  • RadRadioButton
    • Added a new AutoCheck property.
  • RadRichTextEditor
    • Added support for...

Released: Jul 19, 2023

Aggiornamenti in R2 2023 SP1


  • RadHeatMap
    • Introduced legend functionality.
  • QSF
    • Updated PdfProcessing examples.
  • RadDock
    • Added functionality for clear loading of XML layouts.
    • Exposed RemoveAllToolWindows method.
  • Visual Style Builder
    • Updated default theme to VisualStudio2022Dark.
  • PdfProcessing
    • Added the ability to export the optional Signature's Filter property when exporting to a PDF file.
  • SpreadProcessing
    • Introduced support for charts in Microsoft .NET Standard.


  • Demo Application
    • The Virtual Keyboard...

Released: Jun 7, 2023

Aggiornamenti in R2 2023


  • What's new
    • Added new HeatMap control.
    • Added Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 Dark Theme.
    • Added the WinForms signed assemblies to the official distribution.
    • RadRichTextEditor: Added Line Numbering functionality.
    • RadScheduler: Added new and modern appointment styles - As default.
  • FileDialogs
    • Added new OverwritePrompt property.
  • RadPdfViewer
    • You can now handle invalid /NULL name encoding for Type1 and TrueType fonts.
    • Added an option to replace the predefined Standard Fonts.
  • PdfProcessing...

Released: Mar 15, 2023

Aggiornamenti in R1 2023 SP1


  • RadTaskBoard
    • Added the ability to sort tasks for each column.
  • PdfProcessing
    • Introduced handling for importing documents with invalid offsets of objects inside cross-reference tables or streams.
    • Introduced a setting that allows you to export images with or without compression.
    • Introduced handling mechanism for importing documents containing indirect objects with no 'endobj' keyword.
    • Added the ability to print secured documents.
  • SpreadStreamProcessing
    • Provided API that allows you to...

Released: Jan 18, 2023

Aggiornamenti in R1 2023


New Features

  • RadTaskbarButton component brings more interactivity to your application button within the system taskbar.
  • RadToolbarForm allows you to add various UI elements to the form's title bar and save space in the client area of the window.
  • New Microsoft Windows 11 theme is inspired by the latest UI trends,
  • RadSyntaxEditor now supports word wrapping.


  • Introduced support for Encryption Algorithm 5 with AES-256.
  • Introduced Find API which allows the user to search for...

Released: Nov 9, 2022

Aggiornamenti in R3 2022 SP2


  • What's New
    • Added full support for the Microsoft .NET 7 framework (NuGet and Microsoft Visual Studio designer).
  • RadChartView
    • Added functionality to wrap legend items.
  • SpreadStreamProcessing
    • Added an import document example.
  • RadGridView
    • Added additional overload for GridViewTemplate.SetError.
  • PDF Viewer
    • Now respects ExtGState's current stroking alpha constant when rendering text.
  • PdfProcessing
    • Added support for embedding only a subset of characters used in the document, when...

Released: Sep 21, 2022

Aggiornamenti in R3 2022 SP1


  • RadContextMenu
    • The drop-down is not closed when clicking outside the popup.
  • RadDock
    • Once floated windows cannot be moved or docked again.
  • RadDropDownList
    • Mouse wheel scroll in the drop down part of a drop down list doesn't work in .NET 6.
  • RadGridView
    • Sorting doesn't work in .NET 6 when clicking on header.
  • RadSpreadsheet
    • ArgumentNullException is thrown when writing in a cell and focus another cell.
  • TPF
    • HTML-like formatted hyperlinks are not working.