UltraCompare is a folder compare and file compare application loaded with features to enable you to compare text files and folders, word documents, and even zip files and jar archives. UltraCompare includes text compare, binary file compare with the capability to merge differences between compared files. Got folders? UltraCompare also supports Folder compare - including local/network directory compare, zip file compare , and FTP Compare. UltraCompare supports automatic, easy folder synchronization, and a duplicate file finder as well.

What can UltraCompare Professional do for you?

Compare text
Do you work with text files and ever lose your place or forget which is the most current file? Ever wished you could easily compare the differences between file versions?

If you are inspecting your file or code changes by hand you are losing precious time, accuracy and productivity. Compare and merge operations are the cornerstone of a differences tool, and we have placed many merge/post-merge features into UltraCompare so...

Ultime Notizie

UltraCompare for Mac v2022.1
UltraCompare for Mac v2022.1
Migliora la precisione dell'evidenziazione delle differenze binarie.
UltraCompare v2022.2
UltraCompare v2022.2
Ora è possibile impostare offset esadecimali per fotogramma per confrontare o ignorare diverse aree di dati binari.
UltraCompare v2022.1
UltraCompare v2022.1
Migliora la velocità di risposta dei controlli unione.
UltraCompare for Mac v2022
UltraCompare for Mac v2022
Aggiunge nuove impostazioni di unione e migliora i risultati dell'unione del testo.
UltraCompare v2022
UltraCompare v2022
Aggiunge l'unione istantanea del testo e altri miglioramenti delle prestazioni.
UltraCompare v21.10
UltraCompare v21.10
Migliora i confronti FTP/cartella remota.

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Named User: You may install the software on up to 3 machines, on any combination of supported platforms, provided you are the sole user of the software. If you purchase multiple Named User licenses...

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Operating System for Deployment
  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • RPM (RHEL / CentOS 7)
  • RPM (RHEL / CentOS 8)
  • Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04, 20.04
  • MacOS X 10.12

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