Rilasci di UltraFTP

Released: Dec 30, 2022

Aggiornamenti in v2022.0


  • ESC now aborts transfers in progress.
  • File/folder deletion now sends items to Microsoft Windows Recycle Bin.
  • Remaining files counter has been added when transferring files.
  • Added the option to make password visible when setting up an account.
  • Improved stability and processing during folder sync.
  • FTPS and SFTP encryption protocol updates and improvements, including adding support for TLS 1.3.
  • Expanded PPK key version support.
  • Browser pane widths and column header widths are now...

Released: Dec 17, 2021

Aggiornamenti in v21.20


  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) support:
    • Full support for connecting to servers that require a 2FA verification code.
    • New "Interactive login" account option (Advanced tab).
    • 2FA accounts are limited to a single connection to avoid multiple 2FA prompts.
  • Updates to key handling for improved stability and support.
  • Updates for crypto ciphers.
  • Other minor quality improvements.

Released: Sep 3, 2021

Aggiornamenti in v21.10


  • Added support for segmented downloads.
    • Provides faster downloads of huge files, especially for slower connections.
    • Allows you to resume failed or interrupted downloads.
    • Facilitates pausing/resuming downloads.
    • Added new segment icon to indicate which downloads are segmented in transfer details pane.
    • Added the ability to expand and collapse segments to view progress.
    • Added new account settings for segmenting downloads and segment size (Transfers tab).
  • Added the ability to pause and...

Released: Feb 24, 2021

Aggiornamenti in v21.00


  • Synchronized browsing
    • New option in Home tab.
    • When enabled, UltraFTP automatically browses into the corresponding folder on local or remote side (if it exists).
    • If corresponding folder doesn't exist, UltraFTP prompts to disable synced browsing.
  • New Settings area
    • New option in Home tab.
    • Set whether files open in UltraEdit or UEStudio.
    • Configure double-click action for files (transfer or open).
  • With "Share FTP accounts" enabled, UltraFTP doesn't download items before sending them to...

Released: Aug 6, 2020

Aggiornamenti in v20.10


  • Cloud Sync
    • Secure, cloud-based syncing of settings between different systems.
    • Authenticate with Google, GitHub, or Microsoft account.
    • Push/pull all settings, or specific settings categories.
    • Backup/restore system.
    • Manage, rename, and remove instances from sync account.
    • Requires a subscription license including Cloud Services.
  • Added support for folder navigation via mouse forward/back buttons.
  • Added option to clear remote pane on disconnect (remote folder pane context menu...

Released: Jan 22, 2020

Aggiornamenti in v20.00


  • Local / remote folder sync
    • Select a local and remote folder to automatically sync their contents.
    • Use predefined sync rules (local-to-remote, remote-to-local, bi-direction) or create your own.
    • Customize sync actions per file.
    • Set server time skew and second tolerance for sync.
  • Added ribbon accelerators and tooltips.
  • Various minor display improvements.

Released: Jun 7, 2018

Aggiornamenti in v18.10


  • Internal refactoring of connection / transfer threading
    • Improves performance and accuracy when transfering large batches of items.
  • New "Create directory and enter it" option in browser context menu.
  • New animated progress bar while connecting.
  • New "Compare files" dialog (similar to UltraEdit / UEStudio).
  • Updated and themed UC Lite.
  • Greatly improved performance with FTPS connections and transfers.
  • Greatly improved performance with FTP log window enabled.
  • Addressed issues with column...

Released: Feb 5, 2018

Aggiornamenti in v18.00


  • Parallel, threaded transfers for significantly faster upload / download speeds.
    • Architectural redesign to optimize transfers of multiple items via multiple threads.
    • Transfers of larger number of files at once now complete in a fraction of the time.
    • In some tests, UltraFTP completed transfers in 25% of the time of other leading FTP clients.
  • Copy path / Copy URL.
    • "Copy path" allows you to copy the path to the selected file / folder on the server.
    • "Copy URL" allows you to copy the HTTP...

Released: May 24, 2017

Aggiornamenti in v17.00


UltraFTP Key Features:

  • Tabbed sessions
    • Open multiple simultaneous connections in multiple tabs
    • Save and reload sessions
    • Set session to automatically connect, as well as initial starting directories
    • See connection/transfer status in session tab
  • Split local and remote view
  • Drag-and-drop transfers
    • Drag-and-drop files from desktop / Windows explorer to FTP server location
    • Drag-and-drop files from remote server to folders on desktop / Windows explorer
    • Drag-and-drop files from one remote...