Funzionalità di WordMLToFO Stylesheet

Features of WordMLToFO Stylesheet

Main Features Include:

  • Element mapping - WordMLToFO style sheet maps WordML elements to the XSL-FO elements in the following way
  • Style expansion - Word document contains many styles and the styles are applied paragraph or text-run or table, finally they are formatted according to the applied stylesheet result. The style contains table-style, paragraph-style and character-style. In contrast, XSL-FO does not have style concept. All of the formatting property must be described as the last result in the FO file after applying the styles. As a result WordMLToFO stylesheet must apply following style, and then output the last result to the FO file
  • Image file generation - As XML file cannot contain binary data images, WordML stores the image data using the Base64 encoded string data. Following is the sample. Element w:binData contains the image data portion
  • Line space calculation - Microsoft Word has the complex line layout specification such as fixed line spacing, at-least line spacing, auto line spacing. WordMLToFO stylesheet computes line spacing to realize to get the same formatting result as exact as possible. But the formatting model differs between Word and XSL-FO. So we can not get the same formatting result in all case. NOTE: WordMLToFO stylesheet uses external Java library to process image file and line spacing calculation. If you use MSXML as XSLT processor, the stylesheet cannot call Java libraries, so you cannot use these functions