LinqConnect V3.0 adds support for Fluent Mapping

Fluent mapping allows you to employ the Code First (Code Only) design approach.
9월 15, 2011 - 11:50
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LinqConnect is a fast and easy-to-use ORM solution that supports SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. It provides a powerful model designer tool with complete integration to Visual Studio - Entity Developer. LinqConnect provides wide support for LINQ queries. It provides advanced eager loading support, enhanced native SQL query handling, and generates better provider-specific SQL code.

Updates in V3.0

New Fluent mapping support provides the following advantages over XML and attribute mapping:

  • Unlike attribute mapping, fluent mapping does not modify entity classes, allowing them not to be persistence-aware
  • Application code performs mapping, so mapping is always checked for errors during compilation
  • Mapping can be easily modified at run-time. For example, different DBMS can be used for persistence depending on the application settings

Fluent mapping allows you to employ the Code First (Code Only) design approach and removes the need to design models or write XML mappings.

  • The bug inserting a TPT 'child' entity in case its primary key column names differ from the 'parent' entity ones is fixed
  • The bug deleting dependent entities when other changes were made is fixed
  • The bug entity materialization for queries with multiple eager loading options is fixed
  • The bug saving (inserting or updating) System.Data.Linq.Binary objects is fixed
  • The bug creating foreign keys in SQLite databases on DataContext.CreateDatabase is fixed
  • Support for enumerated types ("enums") in LinqConnect and Entity Framework June 2011 CTP models is implemented
  • New skins to improve the application appearance implemented
  • Selection driven highlighting implemented
  • Capability for changing the shape color for entities, complex types and enums implemented
  • Capability for selecting the diagram skin type implemented
  • Changed behavior: when the FirstLetterUpperCase / FirstLetterLowerCase option is enabled in Naming rules, each letter after underscore will be capital/lower
  • The bug saving custom attribute properties with default values in .edml files is fixed
  • The bug changing property names ("Index was outside the bounds of the array") is fixed
  • The bug incorrect generation of the private variables names in Entity Framework models is fixed

About Devart

Devart is a leading company working in the database connectivity area. They offer well-known native VCL/CLX components and dbExpress drivers for direct access to Oracle, MS SQL Server and MySQL. They provide advanced data access solutions for the Microsoft .NET Framework - ADO.NET data providers for native connectivity to Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL database servers. Devart is also a vendor of powerful database tools designed to automate and simplify database development processes.

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