MadCap Contributor V7 released

New version adds absolute positioning and global dictionaries.
6월 16, 2015 - 0:00
기능 릴리스

MadCap Contributor allows content contributors to edit and review topics, make annotations and update content with a simple, easy-to-use interface. Tight integration with MadCap Flare makes MadCap Contributor an essential tool in the contribution and review process.

Updates in V7

  • Define a position for an element (such as an image) anywhere in the topic.
  • Click and drag to reposition an element.
  • Set a default cell content style for tables.
  • Insert custom date/time variables in topics.
  • Pin your favorite fonts to the Font selection list box to find them again later.
  • The Image Map Editor has been rearranged and streamlined.
  • Edit image properties for PDFs that have been inserted as an image.
  • Preview thumbnail images directly within the XML Editor.
  • Record and play back macros to perform all the steps of a process at once.
  • Insert and edit YouTube and Vimeo movies.

About MadCap Software

Founded in early 2005, MadCap Software is a trusted resource for authoring and publishing solutions, including multimedia and translation management. Their products are used to create corporate intranets, online Help systems, manuals, video tutorials, knowledge bases, ebooks and user guides. They are based in San Diego, California.

Position content elements with MadCap Contributor.

MadCap Contributor

문서 기여(contribution) 및 검토.

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