PDFlib 9.1.0

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12월 29, 2016 - 10:21
신규 버전


  • Support for DeviceN and NChannel color spaces with an arbitrary number of colorants.
  • PDF/X-5n for exchange of n-colorant production files, e.g. in the packaging industry.
  • SVG color extension for ICC profiles, spot and DeviceN color as well as Gray/RGB/CMYK device color for increased usability of SVG for print production.
  • Pantone Extended Gamut Coated (XGC) spot colors and Pantone Plus 2016 update.
  • Color gradients with an arbitrary number of stop colors for flexible color blends.
  • Color gradients between different spot colors, e.g. blends of multiple Pantone colors.
  • Default color spaces can be specified for pattern, templates and Type 3 font glyphs.
  • Extended treatment of color-related topics in the PDFlib Tutorial.


  • Updated language bindings, including improvements for PHP 7 and support for PHP 7.1.
  • Robustness enhancements regarding invalid client parameters and damaged fonts.
  • Fine-tuned font handling for form fields.
  • Various other bug fixes and enhancements.


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