TX Text Control ActiveX Server X15 SP1

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4월 18, 2018 - 15:44
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  • Spellchecking - Run-time error when EnableSpellChecking is set to true.
  • Tables - Slow editing in a long table that consists of many paragraphs.
  • Text filters - DOCX import: Document causes 01-1D0C error.
  • Text filters - RTF import: Wrong paragraph formatting of the last paragraph.
  • Text filters - Character styles are lost in DOCX format.
  • Text filters - Last paragraph sign of an HTML document always contains the default font Arial 12 pt.
  • Text filters - RTF export: Document with 'Code 128' font usage causes 01-1D09 error.
  • Images - Copying and pasting an Metafile into TX leads to an empty frame.
  • Images - Copying and pasting an image inside Text Control modifies the image.
  • Undo - Document causes 01-241F error upon saving after UnDo.
  • Samples - TX Words: RibbonFrameLayoutTab won't be hidden on leaving an activated DrawingFrame.
  • Documentation - Missing system requirement C++ 2013 runtime.
  • Protected regions can edited using Backspace and Delete.
  • In TXTextControl.TextControl.EditMode ReadOnly a TextFrame can still be edited.
TX Text Control ActiveX Server

TX Text Control ActiveX Server

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