Actipro SyntaxEditor for WinForms 2018.1

높은 DPI 시나리오를 고려하도록 속성을 업데이트합니다.
5월 30, 2018 - 8:55
신규 버전


  • Changed the default font to Consolas.
  • Updated the SyntaxEditor.IndicatorMarginWidth, LineNumberMarginWidth, SelectionMarginWidth, and UserMarginWidth properties to account for high DPI scenarios.
  • Updated the SemanticParserService.HasPendingRequest and PendingRequestCount members to account for the document currently being parsed as well.
  • Updated IntelliPrompt parameter info to close when the editor loses focus.
  • Added a handler for when the Courier New font isn't available on a system.
  • Updated all controls and elements to support numerous WinUICore measure/arrange infrastructure improvements.
  • Updated the WinUICore ModifierKeys enumeration to be simpler and more like other platforms.

.NET Languages Add-on

  • Added virtual CreateLexicalParser methods to the CSharpSyntaxLanguage and VBSyntaxLanguage, so that the lexical parser for each language can be adjusted if needed.
  • Updated the quick info tip display for VB optional parameters to render an Optional keyword.


  • Fixed a bug in the semantic parser service that could always wait the full delay time when calling WaitForParse in a certain scenario.
  • Fixed a bug in the HTML exporting logic when dealing with surrogate pairs.
  • Fixed a bug where a VB type without access modifier specified didn't default to Friend access.
  • Fixed a bug where a VB argument that wasn't being specified was being reported as a syntax error.
  • Fixed a bug in resolving by-ref parameter types.
  • Fixed a bug in the exception resolver logic.
Actipro SyntaxEditor for Winforms

Actipro SyntaxEditor for WinForms

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