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11월 22, 2018 - 11:04
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Create Amazing Cross-Platform Applications

  • Android API26 support, meeting Google Play Store requirements for new apps in August 2018 and updated apps in November 2018.
  • Android Native Controls and FMX styled controls on the same Android form, including using material design theme for Android 5.0 or higher
  • iOS 12 Support (32- and 64-bit) for building App Store and enterprise applications.
  • Support for Unicode Emoji

Code Your Way - With two new themes, customizing your IDE to match your coding style has never been easier.

  • Dark and Light Themes  - Dark themes have been reported to reduce eye strain in low light environments, allowing you to work more productively at night. It’s easy to toggle between dark and light themes via a toolbar menu.
  • Customize Your Development Environment  - The improved installer UI and license manager UI help you identify the options you need and skip what you don’t, whether you’re developing for multiple platforms or just one.
  • Clean, Updated IDE UI - Find the options you need, fast. The IDE’s main window is more readable and aligned. Easily tell where the keyboard focus area is with updated changes to focus background colors. Editor tabs are larger with easier to read fonts, so you can quickly make changes and keep coding.

Stunning Windows Applications with VCL - The Visual Component Library (VCL) offers easy and visual development of the application user interface, and 10.3 brings new updates to keep your apps looking modern and fresh.

  • Enhanced HighDPI Support - With the new VCL High DPI ImageList control in 10.3, developers building new VCL Windows applications or updating existing apps for high DPI displays can fully support multi-resolution, pixel perfect images on all controls, as well as any custom drawing requiring scaled images for multiple resolution monitors.
  • Per Monitor V2 Support - Ensure your app scales correctly for all Windows scaling, by responding to DPI scaling changes on different screens at runtime.
  • Expanded Windows 10 and WinRT API Support - This includes a number of key WinRT APIs and recent Windows 10 APIs, including ready-to-use components for in-app purchases and trials in the Windows 10 Store

What's New in C++

  • C++17 Win32 Support enhances productivity, better compiler optimizations, and faster code. Both RTL and STL have been updated.
  • New STL/Dinkumware 2018 version for both Win32 and Win64.
  • Improved Code Completion - Code completion for this compiler is now asynchronous, faster and with better results than previous C++ Code Completion. Typing will not pause while completion is being calculated.
  • Debugging Optimized Builds is now supported.
  • 2X Speed Math Performance for Win64.
  • New, Additional C++ Libraries in GetIt.

New and improved database capabilities

  • InterBase 2017/ IBToGo 2017 in RAD Studio - Professional editions include InterBase 2017 Developer license, while Enterprise and Architect editions also include InterBase ToGo for mobile deployment licenses. InterBase ToGo adds encryption, Change Views to keep your app data easily synced via subscription, and no database file size limit.
  • Improved and Updated Support for popular databases including mySQL v8.0, MariaDB 10.3, SQL Server 2017, PostgreSQL v10, Firebird v3.0, MongoDB, InterBase, SQLite 3.23.1, SQL Anywhere, and more.
  • DataSnap enhancements.
  • REST improvements - Support for additional REST related methods, types and properties.
Per Monitor V2 Support

Delphi Professional

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