보다 쉬운 멀티 축 구성, 데이터 감소 및 공유 기능, 새로운 Direct3D 그래프 주석.
March 22, 2019 - 14:22
신규 버전


  • 3D rendering improved support for Direct3D in areas of plotting methods, annotations, hot-spots, and items uniquely offered via the DirectX domain. Version 9.5 includes Direct3D graph annotations and thick lines and tubes for annotations and subsets.
  • Added features to help with multi threading and reducing and sharing data.
  • 2D rendering improved support for Direct3D in providing new plotting methods, hot-spots, and annotations.
  • Added improved 3D text dodging and quick and easy ways to show/hide annotation text and size annotation text.
  • Added new 3D viewing mode that can be animated to fly down and through your data. Or simply focus on a point or data location and rotate and zoom with respect to this new focal point.
  • WinForm, WPF, Asp.Net interfaces continually improved and evolved.
  • 64 bit OCX/ActiveX controls were added and both 32 and 64 bit OCXs are continually enhanced to support containers such as Access, Excel, or even those still using VB6.
  • Embarcadero's Delphi and Builder C++ VCL interfaces needed rewriting in XE flavor to best support both 32 and 64 bit platforms in both Delphi and Builder.
ProEssentials new Direct3D graph annotations.


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